Can COD Mobile’s success actually increase Modern Warfare sales?

Over the past week, COD Mobile has seen an overwhelming amount of success from a player count and fiscal standpoint. At the current time of writing, the mobile phenomenon has over 40 million downloads with $3 million in revenue. It’s no secret this is publisher Activision’s biggest hit in quite some time.

However, while COD Mobile is flourishing, Activision’s other project, Modern Warfare, is facing some major backlash. After announcing a controversial exclusivity deal with Sony, preorders for Modern Warfare are rapidly declining. Could COD Mobile be the savior that Activision needs to right the ship? One analyst believes so.

Modern Warfare mode exclusivity had a negative impact

Announced last week, the Survival Mode for Spec Ops in Modern Warfare will come to PlayStation 4 users a whole year before other systems. While this isn’t a huge part of the game, it is still content that all players were expecting to receive. Now, Xbox and PC players will have to wait a year.

Activision and Sony have an exclusivity deal for Modern Warfare, so we knew PS4 players would get something extra. However, this is by far the most extreme measure Activision has taken with that deal. As soon as this news broke, it wa reported that preorders began to cancel at an alarming rate.

PlayStation users will receive an advantage over other systems in Modern Warfare come release.

Since there is presumably a large amount of money at stake, this exclusivity isn’t likely to change. Though it won’t have a huge effect in the grand scheme of things, projected revenue should take a hit once Modern Warfare releases. Or so we thought a week ago.

COD Mobile could indirectly help Modern Warfare

Mat Piscatella, a video game industry analyst who formerly worked at Activision, is optimistic about the potential impact COD Mobile could have on the series as a whole.

If Call of Duty: Mobile does for Call of Duty what other hit Mobile releases in advance of Console releases have done for those IPs, Modern Warfare could be a bigger hit than I previously thought.

— Mat Piscatella (@MatPiscatella) October 3, 2019

Piscatella obviously knows the inner workings of the company, so it’s not as if he’s speaking blindly. He also has facts to back up his statement; mobile games such as PUBG Mobile did, in fact, increase player count on the standard version of PUBG.

Whether or not COD Mobile has the same effect on Modern Warfare remains to be seen. However, it’s reasonable that someone new to Call of Duty could enjoy COD Mobile and want to expand their experience to something bigger like Modern Warfare.

On the other side though, maybe the booming success of COD Mobile could take away from Modern Warfare. It is, after all, $60 cheaper and more accessible.

What are your thoughts? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Call of Duty coverage.

RLCS 9 Worlds announced for Texas, League day 1 postponed

the rlcs season 9 world championships are headed back to north america. announced in front of 75,000 viewers during the pre-show of the first match week, the event is set to be held in dallas, texas on april 24-26. those same 75,000 viewers also saw the rocket league betting league servers die shortly before the first match, causing lengthy delays, which ultimately culminated in the postponing of the match-day to a later date.

today’s rlcs matches have been postponed and will be moved to a later date. we understand that this is frustrating, but we feel it is in the best interest of competitive integrity to move them rather than attempt to play them out.

we apologize and we’ll have more updates soon.

— rocket league esports (@rlesports) february 1, 2020

crowning a new rlcs world champion in texas

the off-season between the previous and current season of the rlcs is the shortest ever. nrg won rlcs season 8 just a month and a half ago and are already back to defending their title today. this is due to the olympic-related event coming up this summer, for which psyonix pushed the rlcs forward a bit.

in april, we’re off to the curtis culwell center in garland, texas to crown a new world champion, unless nrg decides to become the second team ever to win two consecutive rlcs titles. and with how good nrg have been, that’s not out of the realm of possibility. it would mean pierre “turbopolsa” silfver’s fifth world title, and he’ll be fighting hard to get an even bigger lead on previous teammate alex “kaydop” courant’s three. meanwhile, rogue player and first-ever rlcs world champion cameron “kronovi” bills will be fighting for a chance to reclaim the title on home turf.

the venue

from the website of the curtis culwell center, it looks like the event could go both ways in how the arena will be laid out. in seasons five, six, and seven, the event was held in an arena, but to the disappointment of some fans, season eight was held in a theater style again. what do you prefer? arena or theater-style? let us know in the comments below.

one thing is for sure though — we can all rest assured that psyonix won’t announce that the onsite casting will be in spanish weeks after the ticket sale started and fans had already booked their trips.

Apex Legends’ viewership declines amidst slow content updates

questions have arisen about apex legends and if the game’s growing pains have cost it its incredible launch momentum.

after a surprise release back in february, apex legends racked up the records quickly, hitting 2.5 million players in a day, 25 million in a week, and 50 million in a month. many were quick to compare this trajectory to that of fortnite, the genre’s game to beat, and to claim that the latter’s time at the top had come to an end.

fast forward two months and apex‘s total domination has not arrived. in fact, its viewership numbers on twitch have fallen off quite hard. while it’s usual for a game’s popularity to drop a bit after launch, apex‘s 300,000 first-week viewers average has now evened out in the 30-40 thousand range. for comparison, this is not far above pubg gambling site, once battle royale’s top dog, which has been holding steady at 25,000 viewers. fortnite, meanwhile, is trucking along at 100,000 more than both.

different design philosophies

news site polygon argues that developer respawn entertainment’s slow rate of updating is at the root of this decline. spending most of its visible effort on bug fixes, the game’s seen only three balance patches since release. on the content-side, besides some uninspired cosmetics, only one new legend and a single new weapon were introduced. epic games, on the other hand, has been pumping out new fortnite content on a weekly basis.

the apex legends roadmap is long, but lacking in specifics.

this difference seems to stem from both companies’ design philosophies. respawn’s stated before that they aim to ship polished updates, instead of iterating in a live environment, which is more epic games’ cup of tea. the latter has gotten fortnite‘s developer in hot water with its competitive player base, but the developer does provide its much larger, casual audience with a game that feels alive and always changing.

additionally, aside from delivering a general roadmap at launch, respawn’s played it pretty close to the chest regarding future content. in a recent reddit thread, one of its developers explained that this is to prevent the community from seeing promises where there are just ideas. this makes sense, but perhaps a better balance between that and epic’s “any press is good press” approach is required.

not quite dead yet

it’s important to note that none of this means that apex legends is dead. its appearance at twitchcon europe this weekend pulled in over 190,000 peak viewers and professional organizations are still heavily investing in the title. the main reason that we’re even talking about all of this is due to the expectations set by the game’s meteoric rise thus far. that said, it does seem clear that something needs to be done to keep the ball rolling, now that the initial launch hype has died down.

mechs, anyone?

RLCS Season 6 World Championship – Beginners Guide


so you want to get into rocket league esports? nice one! rocket league is one of the easiest-to-follow esports for newcomers, with constant exciting moments and incredible plays. the rlcs season 6 world championship will be held nov. 9-11 in las vegas. tickets are on sale now and will be streamed on twitch.

“but i don’t know where to start!” you say. fret not — this article will help you out with all the basics, such as which mechanics to look out for, which teams there are, and who to follow. remember though, this article is for those who are completely unfamiliar with rocket league and its esports.


let’s talk mechanics first. the game might look simple on the outside, but there are some mechanics that may not be obvious at first glance. the game’s physics allows for some pretty freaky stuff.

you may recognize this term from super smash bros. because that’s where it was taken from. the wavedash allows players to gain speed without having to fully flip forward or use boost.

this mechanic is most commonly seen when players come off the wall and land back on the ground. rather than a simple jump from the wall and a landing, players make sure to tilt back their car a little and flip forward the moment their hind wheels hit the floor. this causes their front wheels to slam into the ground, therefore canceling the flip, but still gain the speed boost it grants.

it is sometimes used during dribbling or to catch up quickly to the ball with an unexpected speed boost, and it can make for incredible plays. this is also possible with sideflips and backflips, the former of the two being fairly common.

i obviously won’t have to tell you how amazing these can look and how effective they can be. players take the ball up to the ceiling, drive onto the ceiling, and let themselves fall back down to flip into the ball at a chosen moment. this makes it difficult for the defending player to predict where the ball is going to be. at the highest level, players are finally starting to learn how to defend against these, but you will still often see people going for it because, in reality, they’re really not that difficult to do. if you have a teammate holding your back, it’s okay to go for them since they can defend if you fail or finish your shot if you’re not accurate enough.

the reason this move is possible is that players fall from the ceiling, therefore keeping their flip indefinitely because they never jumped. (jumping gives you a 1.5-second window to use your flip or you will lose it.) players can then choose when to flip into the ball, suddenly changing the direction and putting the defender on the wrong foot… wheel? axle? regardless, it’s an effective way to outplay a goalie.

this mechanic is slowly starting to get mastered by some of the pro players. a car can regain the ability to flip by landing on any surface with all four wheels. you often see this happen with walls and the ceiling, where players get just a slight touch and suddenly jump or flip again.

but where this mechanic really shines is when a player takes the ball up, flies after it, and touches it with all four wheels again, effectively landing on it mid-air. this has the same effect as a ceiling shot, where the ball can suddenly change trajectory when a player regains their flip. the difference is that this skill is much, much harder to pull off and therefore brings out a lot more hype. in very rare cases, players regain their flip by landing on another player.


with teams consisting of just three players (and one substitute), they tend to shuffle between the seasons a lot. former rivals team up and vice versa, which makes for an exciting and unpredictable season every time. however, this also means that some might find it difficult to find that one team to root for. i’ll explain the current world championship team lineups as they are in season 6, starting with…

composed of fireburner, garrettg, and jstn, nrg are the runners-up from last season’s rlcs, losing out on the world championship title by a single goal when dignitas scored in overtime of game 7.

this season they had a weaker league play, but ended up fourth and qualified for the playoffs. then they went back to their old selves and won the north american regionals. they’re first seed going into worlds and look like a contender for the title.

nrg has quickly grown into a crowd favorite, with newcomer jstn already one of the most mechanically gifted players in the world. fireburner and garrettg are two very respected players; often humble and kind, they have fully deserved the praise they are getting, both on a personal and professional level. they are the backbone of nrg and are rock solid in their gameplay.

squishymuffinz and his buddies gimmick and torment blasted onto the scene with attacking plays and mechanical master classes. squishy is one of the more popular streamers, and he built up his stream with his immense mechanical skills. he and long-time friend gimmick picked up torment for their team and immediately started getting results.

cloud9 looks stronger than ever, and their mechanical skills are the reason to follow their every move. they pull insane plays out of nowhere and absolutely overwhelm their opponents with their pace.

with added stoic expressions, c9 has built up a reputation as stone cold killers. they ended league play in first place, but ended up in third place in the regionals. they are still considered the best hots hero team in na by most fans this season, though.

arguably the team with the largest fanbase is g2, consisting of kronovi, rizzo, and jknaps. kronovi is a long-time streamer and was, in the early days, considered by many to be the best player in the world. he’s built up a large fan base of his own that has followed him wherever he goes. he is also the only world champion of season 1 that still plays at the highest level. rizzo is also a popular player, always cheerful and positive. he is very interactive with the fan base and has popular content channels. add to that the immensely skilled jknaps and you have a recipe for a popular team.

while over recent season g2 have performed well during online league play, they tended to be underwhelming in a lan environment. if they have a good day, however, they show they are absolutely not to be taken lightly. they ended league play in second place (with the same win record as cloud9) and lost to nrg in the regional final.

eg are just below the very top of na, but with two veterans and one newcomer, they’ve shown they mean business. klassux is a long-time presence on the scene, as is corruptedg. together, they’ve picked up debutant chicago and almost cruised their way to worlds. they ended third in league play, looking dangerous and one of the stronger teams of na, but couldn’t do much in the playoffs. while they won their first series and therefore qualified for worlds, they quickly collapsed under the pressure of the other three big teams. but if you’re looking for a north american underdog to root for, eg is your team.

while there are four more teams in north america, they failed to make worlds. in the interest of time, i’ll skip those because their season is over. two will be fighting against relegation, and teams may change before season 7 begins.

the final boss of rocket league. consisting of violentpanda (nl), kaydop (fra), and turbopolsa (swe), this team used to be called gale force esports before being picked up by dignitas. they are the back-to-back world champions (with turbopolsa having three consecutive titles) and still look as unbeatable as ever. if you want a team to support that is almost guaranteed to be successful, dignitas is an easy pick. they are by far the favorite to win the world championship, and many even expect them to do it without losing a series.

they swept league play 7-0, won the european regional by winning their two series 4-2 and 4-0, and can’t seem to be stopped. some teams came relatively close, but dignitas always pulled it together. europe tried. it’s up to north america (or oceania) to give it a shot in las vegas.

the name we dem girlz is a joke from the early days of rocket league. the only player still left from that original team is remkoe (nl), who now plays with eyeignite (eng) and metsanauris (fin). last season they were known as envy, but the organization pulled out. they replaced one of their members (deevo) with metsanauris, who unexpectedly came over from crowd favorite complexity. many followed the team closely due to this change, and it clicked immediately.

wdg was expected to make worlds directly by placing top two in league play, but they lost once too many and ended up third. they had to go through the playoffs instead. while they cruised their way to the final of the regional (and therefore qualified), they got completely dismantled by dignitas. they’re heading to worlds as the second seed. still, wdg is one of the best teams in the world and not unlikely to take the title. if you want to support a good team but not go the easy route with dignitas, wdg is a fair choice.

f3 looks to be back. ever since their world championship in season 2, they dropped off and looked like a shell of their former selves. since then, just one player is left from that team with kuxir97 (ita), but he is possibly the most loved player in rocket league. while he’s silent and doesn’t have a big presence on social media and content creation, his individual skills are for many the sole reason to support flipsid3 tactics. he plays with miztik (sco) and yukeo (at).

the current lineup has been together since last season but needed some time to warm up. this season it finally clicked and they performed very well. yukeo was a newcomer last season and has impressed many fans between now and then. miztik is a veteran and quite possibly the most underrated player in the entire scene. kuxir97, as i mentioned, is a phenomenon. it’s going to be exciting to see him at a world championship again, and as luck would have it, he plays kronovi in their first series, a rematch of the season 1 grand final.

this lineup formed before the start of season 4 and was quickly picked up by psg. they consist of ferra (fra), chausette45 (fra), and new member fruity (den). in their first season together, they immediately made it to lan. they ended up in fifth-sixth place, a fairly good result for a new team. the following season they underperformed and ended league play in sixth. they fell in the playoffs and failed to qualify for worlds. tensions rose and something had to change. that change came with bluey being dropped in favor of fruity, a newcomer who had never played in rlcs or rlrs (the lower division). he was a complete unknown to many of the fans.

and what an entrance he made. while psg was inconsistent throughout league play and ended in fifth, they absolutely dominated renault vitality in the playoffs for a lan spot. psg looks dangerous going into worlds as the fourth seed, but they can’t be considered a favorite.

i’m going to be straight with you. i don’t know the oce teams too well outside of their previous world championship performances. what i will tell you, though, is that the two teams that made it are not nobodies. many of these players are consistently at lan and look incredibly close in skill to one another.

this year chiefs esports (torsos, drippay, and kamii) were dethroned and go to lan as the second seed. tainted minds (shadey, express and crowd favorite cjcj) took first place and will head to the world championship as the first seed.

last season, oce left an impression on the scene as a region that might be able to compete with the rest. particularly chiefs had an impressive run, and with tainted minds being so close this season, it’s not unlikely for both teams to start getting some very good results at worlds. if you’re looking for the ultimate underdogs to support, you have to go with either of these teams.

i’ve got your back. not only can you rewatch all the series on the official rocket league esports youtube channel, but i also wrote several recaps of league play and the regionals:

Cabochard and Jactroll sign with Team Vitality for two years

One of the more exciting teams in the EU LCS has its core back. Lucas “Cabochard ” Simon-Meslet and Jakub “Jactroll” Skurzyński are staying with Team Vitality for the next two years.

We have another exciting news to share today!

We’ve found an agreement with both our toplaner @CabochardLoL and our support @Jactroll to keep working together for another two years, pending Riot Approval.

Loyalty. Legacy. #VforVictory

— Team Vitality (@TeamVitality) November 21, 2018

This news comes off the back of a huge day of roster moves in the newly-minted League of Legends European Championship, or LEC. Multiple European stars are coming back home after spending a year overseas. However, instead of making any big changes to their lineup, Team Vitality is sticking to what was working last year. Can they have the same success that they had this past year with Cabochard and Jactroll back on the team?


Team Vitality’s would have a pretty decent 2018 EU LCS run. The team would field a roster with Erberk “Gilius” Demir as the jungler, which would net them fourth place in the Spring Split’s regular season. Unfortunately, they would drop out of the playoffs in the semifinals against Fnatic. Vitality would make a change for the Summer Split, switching out Gilius for veteran jungler, Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek. They would do even better with Kikis in the Summer Split, finishing in second for the regular season. They would also take down Misfits to capture themselves a third-place finish and a berth at the World Championships.

There, Team Vitality would begin a revolution amongst the Western teams at Worlds. They would be placed into the supposed “Group of Death”, with Royal Never Give Up, Gen.G and Cloud9. However, both Vitality and Cloud9 would go against all expectations. On day five of the Group Stage, Vitality would defeat both RNG and Gen.G, while Cloud9 would do the same. It was an uprising that no one saw coming. Although Cloud9 would end up eliminating Vitality, their aggressive style of play would inspire the other European teams to do the same. They would begin the Western revolution against the East and would help close the gap between the regions.

With the majority of Team Vitality’s core returning for 2019, their chances of success are very high. The LEC has seen multiple new teams come about, with multiple roster shuffles across the league. Consistency and familiarity will be Vitality’s friend in the upcoming year, as the whole team has already built comradery and synergy together. There are only two issues that Vitality needs to address. One is the fact that many of these LEC teams are now familiar with their playstyle. They will need to adjust themselves accordingly, in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Second, Vitality still needs to address their jungler position. The addition of Kikis for the Summer Split of 2018 was beneficial for the team. His experience and veteran knowledge would help the plethora of rookies get through the season. However, there have been multiple new organizations added to the LEC, plus the homecoming of multiple stars from North America. They might need to look for more firepower in the jungle position for 2019 and beyond. Kikis is good, but there may be a better long-term option for the team in free agency.

What are your thoughts on Cabochard and Jactroll signing with Vitality for two more years? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more League of Legends coverage, check us out here!

Essay Aid Service Master

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Writing Solutions For Grad University Essays

While a good dissertation or even thesis defense is important, the most important part of graduate school is the writing service that develops your creative thoughts

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What Will be the Varieties of Lenses in Physics?

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League of Legends Twitch Rivals teams revealed

Twitch Rivals: Road to TwitchCon Europe started with a semifinal between eight European countries and has since been finalized into four. These four League of Legends teams advance to the Country Showdown at TwitchCon Europe in Berlin on April 14.

The four participating European teams consist of five streamers, with each player streaming their own perspective. The Country Showdown features a single-elimination and best-of-3 bracket system as well. A total prize of $75,000 will be split between the four placings, with $35,000 for first, $20,000 for the second, $12,500 for third, and $7,500 for fourth.

Country Showdown Teams

From Germany, we have Krischan “Zenten” Warnusz, Zhou “XoYnUzi” En-Qiang, Frederik “NoWay” Hinteregger, Minh “Sologesang” Sang Ngo Tan, and Nicole “nylanaaa.”

On France’s side, we have Solary’s Sakor “Le Roi Bisou” Ros, Alexandre “Narkuss” Mege, Luc “Sharkk” Gonçalves, Alexis “Melon” Barrachin, and Alexis “Chap” Barret.

Coming from Italy, we have Kevin “Lazuriel” Pirrone, Alessandro “Fragolaqt” Zappalà, Aki “lol_aki,” Manconi “Counter” Giacomo, and Paolo “paoloidolo” Marcucci.

From Spain, we have Antonio “Th3Antonio” Espinosa, Daniel “ElOjoNinja” Vaquero, Alicia “Zeiing,” Carritos “Carritoskami” Kami, and Manute “manutegaming.”

The League of Legends Country and All-Star Showdowns will be live from TwitchCon Europe in just 5 days!

Check out the full list of competitors:

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All-Stars Showdown

Also happening during the TwitchCon Europe Twitch Rivals event is the All-Stars Showdown. This event features two regional teams, North America and Europe, that consist of five streamers each. Similarly, the competitors will also be streaming their own perspective. The two teams will split a $25,000 prize pool with $20,000 going to first place and $5,000 going to second.

North America’s team of streamers includes Foggedftw2, Christian “IWDominate” Rivera, Drew “Midbeast” Timbs, Hammoudi “Yassuo” Abdalrhman, and Nicki Taylor.

Europe’s roster of streamers includes Andrea “Katare” Suchodolski, Frederik “NoWay” Hinteregger, Elm “ElmiilloR” Cherto, Amalie “Proxyfox” Reisvaag, and RealZenten.

Both teams have streamers that have previously competed in the professional League of Legends scene. You can watch all the action on the Twitch Rivals channel this weekend.

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Dota 2: DreamLeague Major breakdown – picks, bans, and more

The DreamLeague Major is a wrap, and let’s be honest: it was a weird one. We saw some amazing Dota 2 played throughout this tournament, but we also saw our fair share of upsets too.

But what about the drafts? Did we see anything unusual coming out in this Major? Let’s take a quick look at our top picks and bans at Stockholm.

Our top 5 picks at this Major were Oracle (34), Shadow Shaman (33), Pangolier (32), Troll Warlord (25), and Phantom Assassin (25). Oracle was heavily contested at this tournament, appearing in our top picks and our top bans, as does Pangolier.

Chen topped the bans for this Major, at 73. He also turned out to be our most contested Hero of the Major overall with a combined pick/ban of 85. Following Chen in the top bans was Lifestealer (62), Pangolier (44), Batrider (44), and Oracle (39).

It’s a little surprising to see Lifestealer on here. He was only banned once at the Kuala Lumpur Major, and didn’t appear in the previous Major event in Chongqing at all. Naix has proven to be one of the more popular carries in the meta this season though, and has received some nice buffs in recent patches. The real surprise here though is Chen, a hero that was largely ignored in the drafting phase up until recently.

We’ve had quite a few new patches to the game throughout this DPC season, and some changes in captain’s mode itself, which have shaken up the meta.

With the new patch dropping just hours ago (full patch notes here), it’s well worth having a deeper look at our top picks and bans throughout this Major, and where they stand compared to previous tournaments this season.

So, let’s dive in, and see how the Dota 2 meta has been shifting over the past few months.

Chen was our most banned hero at the DreamLeague Major. A total of 73 bans made him the most contested hero at this tournament. This is a massive increase from his bans at previous Major events. Back in January’s Chongqing Major (CQ Major) he was only banned twice, and picked three times. At the Kuala Lumpur Major (KL Major), he was banned eight times, and picked three times.

So, what changed to make Chen such a hot contest in the draft during the Major?

The hero has received a rework over the last few patches. Penitence received a buff back in 7.20, and that’s also when we saw the first round of changes to Holy Persuasion. But the biggest change in 7.20 was the new skill, Divine Favour, which replaced Test of Faith.

Chen received a fair few buffs when 7.21 first dropped back at the end of January: a 0.4 increase for his intelligence gain, a buff to his heal skill, Hand of God, as well as huge changes to Divine Favour. This provides double bonus damage on non-hero units, rescales of its attack damage, increased duration, and reduced mana cost.

These recent changes to Chen have turned out to be quite polarizing amongst fans of the hero. There are some who feel the hero has lost the intricate micro that made him special, turning him into a buffbot. Others, however, enjoyed the shift in play from the jungle style of support to a more ambush style.

But, as reddit user u/TheSnowballofCobalt points out, recent changes to Chen’s Holy Persuasion skill have really upped his early creep game. The changes have brought a lot more diversity, making more creeps stronger and more valuable during the laning phase and the early game. Plus, the aura buffs he can provide to cores make him a more viable support for those who struggled with the micro management of his old playstyle.

These changes alone might not be the only thing that made Chen into such a contested support at DreamLeague. Io was removed from captain’s mode back when 7.21 dropped.

The wisp was banned 84 times at the CQ Major; his win rate in the 8 games where he made it on a draft was 87.5%. At the KL Major, he was banned 93 times. Io’s win rate in the matches where he was picked at KL was a clean 50%.

Chen had a combined pick/ban count of 85, meaning he made it through to 12 of our drafts. He had a 50% win rate at DreamLeague over the 12 matches he appeared in.

There is no doubt that the combination of Io’s skills and the way pros like GH from Liquid could use him, turned him into something of a ‘must-pick’ hero earlier in the Dota 2 season. His appearance on a draft could almost decide the result of the game. It wasn’t surprising to see him banned regularly. The question is whether what we saw at the DreamLeague Major was Chen stepping up to fill the space which Io left.

Both Oracle and Pangolier, heroes that we saw picked up and banned out regularly throughout the DreamLeague Major, received nerfs in patch 7.21d.

Oracle’s False Promise saw some defbuffs. Its cooldown has increased from 30 to 45 seconds at level 3 and will require 100 extra mana. Its cast range was also reduced, now 700/850/100 from 1000.

Pangolier saw some big changes too. Lucky Shot will no longer apply both silence and disarm simultaneously; its proc chance was reduced by 3%, while Rolling Thunder received an increase to its mana cost from 100 to 100/150/200. We saw Pango’s Rolling Thunder used to great effect during the DreamLeague major by multiple teams. The control it offers can not only catch opponents out, it can also provide much-needed intelligence to the rest of the team about positioning to set up kills in team fights. There have been more than a few suggesting that Pango needed some nerfs, so we’ll see if the increased mana cost will help provide the balance which fans have been asking for.

Another oft-banned carry, Lifestealer, also received attention in this most recent patch. His rage skill cooldown is now set at 18, instead of 16 seconds.

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